Dora is an international singer-songwriter currently based in Zurich, Switzerland. She released her first album in 2013 and holds regular concerts around Switzerland including performances at George Bar & Grill, Widder Hotel, Fork & Bottle, Plaza Club and other venues large & small. The album is available on iTunes and Spotify.

  • CARDBOARD BOXES and PERFECT also airing on Radio 1 and SRF1

  • In 2016, she released a Live Sessions Video Series on YouTube. 

  • Her two songs PERFECT and TROUBLED were semi-finalists in the UK Songwriting Competition.

  • In September 2017, "Perfect" won the songwriter competition for Petofi Radio in Hungary, premiering on Hungarian airwaves in October.

Having moved every three years of her life, DORA‘s songs reflect her multi-cultural background with a pop, country flare.

"It‘s completely normal for me to feel at home everywhere, and not feel at home anywhere. I love it and I wouldn‘t change a single thing about how I grew up, but moving around so much sometimes makes it hard to figure out who you really are. I got into music and songwriting firstly because it‘s super fun, but mostly because you can do it from anywhere."